In the house that combines modern work environment, there are under the same roof Estonian Open Air Museum’s Rural Architecture Centre, Estonian Woodhouse Association and Cluster, Timber Club (Puiduklubi) and consortium enterprise. There are many other organizations and companies related to Tehasemaja.

Tehasemaja is a consortium enterprise of success oriented Estonian prefab house factories. Member companies of Tehasemaja OÜ offer handcrafted log houses, machined log houses, timber frame houses, cross laminated timber constructions (CLT and MHM). The most outstanding common Project so far is the Timber Construction Competence Centre in Estonian Open Air Museum, created for Estonia’s 100th anniversary.

Estonian Woodhouse Association was established by 17 woodhouse producers in 1999. There are currently about 60 member companies. Production of members varies widely – element and modular houses; log houses, hand crafted and machined, etc. Woodhouse Association members have long-term manufacturing experiences and their products are competitive on markets across the world.

Estonian Woodhouse Cluster was created with an intention of improving international competitiveness of its member companies, to add additional value and increase their export volume. Means of achieving the goals are international cooperation between companies, educational and science institutions through common marketing activities, product and competence development. Umbrella company of the cluster is Estonian Woodhouse Association. The Cluster currently has 25 partners, 17 of whom are woodhouse manufacturers.

Puiduklubi (Timber Club) is a club meant for private persons that gathers competence of Estonian timber, processing of timber, gathering and sharing information. The club involves key persons of timber industry in the work and activities of the non-profit organization. The main goal of the club is to sustainably increase and develop Estonia´s economy and state competitiveness. In order to achieve the goals, the members pursue timber construction and environmentally sustainable use of forest and timber as our main natural resources.

Estonian Woodhouse Association and Cluster organize a competition “Prefab House of the Year” annually. Objective of this competition is to acknowledge and award Estonian-made wooden houses. Work for competition is provided by an Estonian company in charge of the project´s engineering-technical solution as well as of creation and implementation. Objects presented can be located outside Estonia.

Estonian Open Air Museum is a museum that introduces rural architecture and landscapes and is also a competence centre of restauration, conservation and digitation. The museum was established on May 22, 1957. 66 ha of land on premises of Rocca al Mare summer manor was given to the museum use in July 1957. Doors of the museum opened for visitors in 1964, while the exhibit was still in process of being built. The museum is located on 72 ha of land by now and presents an exposition of 74 buildings.

A vast rural architecture and rural landscape research and preservation program started in 2007. There is a separate team of people for this project at the museum and they work under the name of Estonian Open Air Museum´s Rural Architecture Centre. Objective of the centre is to value rural buildings and landscapes as developments on current century have started to endanger the historic building heritage.

Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association is a non-profit organization of mainly wood and forest industry enterprises, founded in 1996. The organization has ca 70 members, including 4 educational institutions. Objectives of the organization are to represent and protect their members´ interests and also to help pursue legal and economic measures necessary to develop mechanical and chemical forest industry.